Fantasy is not reality. It is better.

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I am a legal adult who spends too much time than necessary (or probably healthy) online reading fanfiction or playing games.

I read slash fanfiction (i.e. male/male) like it's the air I breath.

Current fandoms include (but are not limited to) Harry Potter, Torchwood, BBC Merlin, Criminal Minds and Supernatural.

I have plot bunnies galore up in my head, but many never seem to make it to the keyboard and beyond. I have all these great ideas, but an inadequate method of putting them into words (basically meaning my writing sucks).

---- SO, if there is anyone who enjoys working in a writing team,
I would love to provide the inner workings of stories,
from any fandom I know relatively well, if the other person
would use their superior writing skills to share our creations
to the world.

^*^*^*^*^*^ I will always be welcome to new friends, just click add!! ^*^*^*^*^*^

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